MAJOR CRAFT ParaWorm Stick (Straight Tail) 2" / 5.1cm

  • A fall-specific design paraworm for capturing fish that are conscious of the top such as rockfish and scorpion fish, and

    a small silhouette body of 1.5 & 1.6 inch is a big success in the midwinter rockfish game.

    Contains the fish's favorite "shrimp flavor" and is recommended when the activity is low.

    In "Straight tail", the flexibility of the body and the vibration of the ribs tempt the rockfish and horse mackerel, and the slight vibration of the pintail is very useful for just winding and falling.

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ParaWorm Stick 2" / 5.1cm

  • Brand: MajorCraft
  • Product Code: MAJOR CRAFT ParaWorm Stick (Straignt Tail) 2"
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MajorCraft ParaWorm Stick 2" / 5.1cm #72
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