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Brand: D.A.M. Model: D52765
DAM Effzett Gun-Style Deep Throat Hookout 24cm The EFFZETT® Gun-Style Deep Throut Hookout is a must have for serious pike fishermen. Since pike often attack lures very aggressively,the hooks can sit deep in the toothy mouth. To avoid serious damage on fingers and hands,this plier comes in a length..
Brand: D.A.M. Model: D8517-204
DAM EFFZETT® CRIMPING PLIER This high-quality crimping tool is a must have for anglers who make their own steel traces. With ergonomically shaped handles...
Brand: D.A.M. Model: D8517-203
DAM EFFZETT® DEEPTHROAT PLIERS When a pike has taken a lure deep, this is the ultimate tool to unhook it safely, without having to worry about being cut by its teeth. Like all Effzett tools also this plier has ergonomic handles...
Brand: D.A.M. Model: EFFZETT Multiplier
DAM EFFZETT® Multiplier The EFFZETT Multi Plier is a very usefull multi tool that is made of a special aluminum alloy to support strength and to keep the plier as light as possible. The jaws have a split ring opener function in the front and are made from stainless steel. The precisely sharpened t..
Brand: D.A.M. Model: D8517-202
DAM EFFZETT® SIDE CUTTER Side cutter, specially designed for cutting through hard mono, fluorocarbon and even steel wire...
Brand: D.A.M. Model: D8517-201
DAM EFFZETT® STRAIGHT NOSE PLIERS This tool is more or less the universal tool among the new EFFZETT tools. The high-quality rubber handles guarantee a secure grip, regardless of the situation, and the integrated side cutter cuts easily through steel traces!..
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