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Carbon49 Trace
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Brand: SAVAGE GEAR Model: SG Carbon49 Trace
SAVAGE GEAR Carbon49 Trace Ultra strong, soft and flexible 49 strand stainless steel wire, coated with a strong carbon copolymer, for superb abrasion resistance! Perfect sized swivel and spring steel needle snap, for hard or softlures! The perfect pike trace!..
Regenerator Trace
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Brand: SAVAGE GEAR Model: SG Regenerator Trace
SAVAGE GEAR Regenerator Trace Perfectly crimped, clear Regenerator traces with swivels and Spring Carbon steel needle snaps. Our formula is very resistant to cuts and pike teeth, combined with incredible knot strength and elasticity – the Regenerator is the perfect trace material for toothy predat..
Titanium Trace
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Brand: SAVAGE GEAR Model: SG Titanium Trace
SAVAGE GEAR Titanium Trace Titanium Jerkbait Trace - Titanium single strand traces, securely double crimped, matched with solid steel ring and SpringCarbon steel needle snaps Titanium 1x7 - Soft and super flexible 7strand Titanium all round pike traces, for soft and hard lures, double cri..
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