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Brand: MAD Model: D8404_109
MAD® Anti-spook boiliestops Neutrally coloured anti-spook bait stops that are ideal for boilies, pellets, particles and even luncheon meat...
Brand: MAD Model: D52125
MAD® Anti-spook boiliestops Neutrally coloured anti-spook bait stops that are ideal for boilies, pellets, particles and even luncheon meat...
Brand: MAD Model: D8150_407
MAD® ANTI-TANGLE SLEEVES The MAD® Anti-Tangle sleeves are used in combination with the Quick® Swap swivel to secure the rig and to make it stand out from the lead. This makes the chances less likely that the rig will end up tangled on the bottom...
Brand: MAD Model: D8150_507
MAD® ANTI-TANGLE SWIVELS & SLEEVES The complete anti-tangle system of MAD® conisting of 10 sleeves and 10 Quick® Swap swivels...
Brand: MAD Model: D8404_110
MAD® BACKLEAD SYSTEM  This easy backlead system enables you to create back leads of any available swivel lead in only a few seconds!..
Brand: MAD Model: D8404_115
MAD® BAIT BANDS  MAD® bait bands come in 2 sizes that cover almost all possible sizes of boilies, pellets and particles. It enables you to change the bait in a split second and is perfect for fishing with pellets...
Brand: MAD Model: D8404_104
MAD® Buffer beads Tactical buffer beads that are great for helicopter systems or using as knot protector...
Brand: MAD Model: D8404_201
MAD® CLEVER PACK TOUCHDOWN  The MAD® Clever Pack Touchdown consists of 3 complete safety rig systems including Touchdown Tubing, Tailrubbers, Safety Leadclips and Swivels! The first complete safety rig system pack on the market that offers tungsten tubing!..
Brand: MAD Model: D8404_154
MAD CORN STOPS Boiliestops in the shape of sweetcorn. Ideal when you fish boilies over a bed of sweetcorn. But, these boiliestops have another big advantage: you can use a bit bigger boilie than the hair would normally allow, because the corn stops can be pulled in the boilie a couple of millimete..
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Brand: MAD Model: D52125 MAD HAIR STOPS
DAM MAD® HAIR STOPS MAD® Hair Stops come in three different colours (clear, brown and green) and on easy-to-use frames. They´ve been designed to lay perfectly against the surface of your chosen bait. 2 frames per pack...
Brand: MAD Model: D8404_106
MAD® HARNESS TUBING Great anti-tangle tubing material with a special surface that is high abrasion resistant...
Brand: MAD Model: D8404_202
MAD® HELIPACK  The MAD® HeliPack consists of 3 ready-to-go helicopter rig systems! These systems are already put together for you and include Harness Tubing, Swivels, Rubber Balls and Beads. This is really making a carp angler’s life easier!..
Brand: MAD Model: D8404_101
MAD® LEAD CLIPS We are proud to present our own moulded safety lead clip and convinced that this is one of the best available on the market today! The MAD® safety lead clip is carefully computer designed giving it all features to be 100% reliable under any condition. The clip is perfectly balance..
Brand: MAD Model: D8404_117
MAD® PELLET STOPS A great set consisting of 3 different sizes of V shaped stops that were especially designed for fishing with pellets. Because of their shape, you can easily change the distance of the pellet from the hook on the hair by just taking another size. Content: 136 pieces!!!..
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Brand: MAD Model: D8404_218
DAM MAD® PLASTIC FANTASTIC ASSORTIMENT Assortment of 109 pieces of imitation hook baits. In a handy, hard plastic box. Suitable for carp and bream. Including boilies, sweetcorn, tigernuts, maggots and casters in various colours and sizes. The boilies and half of the sweetcorn particles are float..
Brand: MAD Model: D5799_150
MAD POP-UP CORN Extreme floating imitation corn that is available in both natural yellow corn colour and highly visible neon colours. Ideal for combining with two or three grains of maize to present them semi-floating...
Brand: MAD Model: D8404_107
MAD® RIG TUBING Tactical clear rig tubing for making subtle anti-blow out rigs or covering the knotless knot for extra security! Available in Ø 0.7mm - 1m...
Brand: MAD Model: D8404_108
MAD Shrink Tube Assortment High quality clear shrink tubes to create tactical carp rigs and neatly cover up knots and clips. It has great shrinking features and is available in the most commonly used diameters: 1.2mm, 1.6mm, 2mm and 2.5mm...
Brand: MAD Model: D8404_111
SLR LEADCLIP GREEN This “Super Long Distance” (SLR) lead clip is especially designed for distance casting with heavy leads. The metal part is made in a non-glare black nickel colour...
Brand: MAD Model: D8404_300
MAD® SOLUTION PVA MESH MAD® Solution PVA mesh is excellent for tactical bait presentation on high pressured waters. The narrow mesh is great for making ground and swim bait “sausages”, where the wide mesh is perfect for using as bag for (parts of) boilies and pellets. It is delivered on a PVC tube..
Brand: MAD Model: D8404 295
MAD® SOLUTION PVA SOLID TUBE No more figuring out which size PVA bag you should buy, because with this clever solid PVA tube you can decide the size of each bag yourself! Next to that, this product opens a completely new range of carp angling possibilities. We call it the balloon system!..
Brand: MAD Model: D8404_102
TAIL RUBBERS Strong tail rubbers that fit excellent on our MAD® safety lead clips!..
Brand: MAD Model: D8098
MAD® TOUCHDOWN BACKLEADS Intelligent and very stable backleads in the great quality that is standard for all MAD products. Backleads are essential to have in your tackle box, because you never know if the situation requires them and it can be the difference between blanking and catching fish. Ava..
Brand: MAD Model: D3009_000
MAD® TOUCHDOWN LEADCORE LEADER Completely ready-to-use spliced leadcore leaders equipped with a heli-swivel. These knotless leaders are perfect while fishing in tough conditions. 45 lbs breaking strength...
Brand: MAD Model: D8404_105
MAD® TOUCHDOWN TUBING   Touchdown tubing is high density tube material with a tungsten core that is perfectly suitable for using as anti-tangle tubing above the lead. Its heavy features make the line behind the lead lay against the bottom which has an anti-spook effect! Available in Ø0.6 mm...
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