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Jig Heads

Bottom Jig Bottom Jig
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Brand: SPRO Model: S4622_1900
SPRO Bottom Jig The Cheburashka-technique comes from Russia. It is a simple but very effective bottom-jigging technique with ultra-light tackle. Take the clip out from the jig, attach a Worm hook and place back inside head. Already the system is ready to fish! We recommend Gamakatsu’s Worm 325 and..
HD Jighead Special Jig
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Brand: SPRO Model: S4931_1000
SPRO HD Jighead Special Jig..
Jighead Darter Jig 90
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Brand: SPRO Model: S4926
SPRO Jighead Darter Jig 90 The jigs are based on two of very popular, extra-strong and sticky sharp Gamakatsu jig hooks; 4/0 – 6/0 and 8/0 are on Jig 90. With these special Darter Heads you cover most of the freshwater and saltwater soft bait fishing styles...
Jighead HD - Jig90
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Brand: SPRO Model: S4931_600_800
JigHead HD with Gamakatsu Jig90 hook...
Lead Dropshot Sinker Lead Dropshot Sinker
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Brand: SPRO Model: S4622_2200
SPRO Lead Dropshot Sinker Pencil shaped dropshot weights with a special clip allowing a knotless connection. The shape is popular due to its good casting characteristics, it allows the most subtle and effective presentation...
Long & Round Jighead - Jig22
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Brand: SPRO Model: S4931
Round Jig Head with Gamakatsu Jig22 hook...
Micro Jighead Micro Jighead
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Brand: SPRO Model: S4935
SPRO Micro Jighead A Gamakatsu Jig29 hook with a specially shaped head for a special action. The small heads do not prevent it from catching big fish; the hooks are strong enough for it! Note: the weight of these small jigs is distinguished by the color of the eyes; = 1.5 g silver / red = 2gr / 3..
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