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QUICK 1 BC 201 QUICK 1 BC 201
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Brand: D.A.M. Model: DAM QUICK 1 BC 201
DAM QUICK 1 BC 201 • Graphite body and side plates • Aluminium spool • Including line guide system..
QUICK 4 BC 201 QUICK 4 BC 201
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Brand: D.A.M. Model: DAM QUICK 4 BC 201
DAM QUICK 4 BC 201 The Quick® 4 BC 201 is part of the Quick® 4 BC series. The Quick 4 201 BC has a gear ratio of 6.5:1 and is build out of high quality components. Japanese ball bearings on the spool shaft and 6 ball bearings in total make this reel cast and run incredibly smooth.   • 6..
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Brand: D.A.M. Model: D1747
Quick® Detonator LH Saltwater multireel with a great price-performace-ratio. With this reel you can chase and catch most predatory sea fish. Thanks to the built-in depth counter you can always know how deep you fish. Technical Details:  ABS graphite frame Gr..
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Brand: D.A.M. Model: D1749
QUICK® FZ SLR BC This DAM Quick SLR baitcasting reel has a revolutionary new line guide that we call “wave bar”. When retrieving it distributes the line on the spool perfectly, with a minimum of friction. The big advantage is that the drag runs more smoothly and the angler can, almost effo..
Quick Power Striker
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Brand: D.A.M. Model: D1735
The baitcast reel from DAM! Completely made of highest quality duraluminum and equipped with outstanding components these reels are the perfect partners for the ambitious spin fisher. All three sizes are available both with right hand and left hand retrieve and additionally they are equipped with a ..
Quick® 4 SD Quick® 4 SD
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Brand: D.A.M. Model: D65759
DAM Quick® 4 SD The Quick® 4 SD is part of the new Quick® concept and dedicated for saltwater trolling. A graphite frame and sideplates in combination with an aluminium spool and a smooth drag makes this trolling reel a stable and strong construction suitable for deep sea fishing. Technical deta..
Quick® Optimus Quick® Optimus
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Brand: D.A.M. Model: D1748
DAM Quick® Optimus 301       Heavy duty, aluminium baitcast reel, meant for longer and thicker lines, king size lures and… big fish. The Quick® Optimus 301 is the perfect match for the EFFZETT® Optimus Lure Shooter rod, for instance. In combination with this rod and a big EFFZETT® Pike Seducer..
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Brand: D.A.M. Model: D1746
DAM Quick® STEELPOWER RED This multiplier reel represents the sublime engineering, detailed development, and technical excellence for which the Quick® reel brand stands for. The STEELPOWER® RED reel consists of a powerful one piece machine-cut aluminum frame construction with robust stainle..
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