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Amigo Fluro Carbon line
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Brand: Delux Model: Amigo Fluoro Carbon
Tрислойно флурокарбоново влакно (PVDF Line). Флурокарбоновото трислойно влакно Delux показва перфектен баланс между: здравина на възел, висока абразивоустойчивост и ниска памет, благодарение на multi-co-extruding технологията, използвайки 3 различни флурокарбонови (PVDF) материала. Тези свойства го ..
Damyl Tectan Fluorcarbon
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Brand: Delux Model: D3801
DAM Damyl Tectan Fluorcarbon AN INVISIBLE DAMYL®! The Damyl® Tectan® fluorocarbon has almost the same refraction factor as water and is therefore practically invisible for fish. This is a big advantage for the angler, especially when fishing in crystal clear waters with hard to catch cleve..
G-Line Carp Fluorocarbon - Dark Brown
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Brand: GAMAKATSU Model: S5121
For a perfect presentation and increased hook setting, this fluorocarbon is invisible underwater and offers the ideal balance between stiffness, strength, sensitivity and stretch and thereby an outstanding abrasion-resistance. The high sinking rate of this line makes that it sticks to the bottom whi..
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