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Brand: MOMOI Model: JIG LINE MX8
A super PE line that further enhances the roundness and the smoothness of JigLine Takumi. By adopting 8-strand PE, it has higher roundness compared to the common 4-strand PE; it also makes less squeaky rubbing sound when it touches the guide (silent mode). While reinforcing the abrasion resistance t..
Brand: MOMOI Model: jig_line
A PE line that uses ultra high-strength HPPE fiber. SUPER PE, which is produced from Momoi’s braiding technology that is among the world’s finest, made this PE line which proudly presents the world’s #1 roundness and abrasion resistance. With specially developed hard processing it has moderate body ..
Brand: MOMOI Model: Lure Soul Cast PE
MOMOI Lure Soul Cast PE New unprecedent braiding technology decreases problems like flattened, sodden or broken lines. Ideal for spinning and baitcasting. The newly developed "Triple Silicone Coating" makes it cast further and also makes it stronger. Casting is smooter doe to decreased friction be..
We have launched new super thin PE line “OSHIKAGE” at EFTTEX held on Jun 12-14 in Brussels. This new line has been made for light game fishing and has been introduced following inquiries from anglers across the world. It adds that the super fine ultra-strong PE line has been developed by drawing on ..
Brand: MOMOI Model: ryujin
An extra-strong and extra-soft PE line that pursues the desire to “cast further” and “have more flexibility.” By having an exquisite balance in the braiding, this extra-flexible line caters to a variety of the anglers’ needs. Adopting “extra silent mode” that minimizes noise with the guide, it is ..
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