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Jiggin' Spinners

ASP Jiggin Spinner ASP Jiggin Spinner
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Brand: SPRO Model: S4340
SPRO ASP Jiggin' Spinner Ideal weighted Jiggin’ Spinners that have proven to be serious fish producing lures. The wide range of colors gives the angler enough choice. This spinner has everything a good Asp spinner needs, such as: An aerodynamic shape for exact casting and excellent weight to size..
ASP Speed Spin
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Brand: SPRO Model: S4339
Усъвършенстван модел на вече популярния ASP Jiggin’ Spinner. Новият модел е по-бърз благодарение на издължената форма на тялото и лопатката си...
ASP Spinner UV
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Brand: SPRO Model: S4341
SPRO ASP Jiggin' Spinner One of the original spinners of its kind on the market is now available in a full UV active colour pallet. These spinners make great searchbaits, casting far and retreiving fast you can cover a lot of water in a short time. ASP spinners are an incredibly attractive lure fo..
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