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Heli swivel
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Brand: MAD Model: D8150_107
MAD® HELI SWIVEL The MAD® Standard carp swivel with an additional big welded steel ring for creating helicopteror run rigs and giving stiff rigs more freedom of movement. • Size 7 • Breaking strain: 80 lbs. / 36,4 kg...
Quick Swap Heli Swivel
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Brand: MAD Model: D8150_307
MAD® QUICK SWAP HELI SWIVEL This is a smart blend between the heli- and the Quick® Swap swivel, by having equipped the latter with a big steel welded ring. • Size 7 • Breaking strain: 50 lbs. / 22,7 kg..
Quick Swap Swivel
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Brand: MAD Model: D8150_207
MAD® QUICK SWAP SWIVEL  The MAD® Quick Swap Swivel is a brilliant tool for changing your rigs super fast after catching a carp or when you do not feel confident about it anymore. The little loop of the rig is secured by using MAD® anti-tangle sleeves!  • Size 7 • Breaking strain: 50 lbs. / 22,7 ..
Rig ring assortment
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Brand: MAD Model: D8109_204
MAD® RIG RING ASSORTMENT An assortment of the most often used tactical round and oval rig rings. No need to buy 4 different packs anymore! Delivered in a smart little divided plastic box in sorted diameters...
Standard Swivel
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Brand: MAD Model: D8150_007
MAD® Standard Swivel Standard carp swivel of outstanding quality that will give you the 100 % reliability you need in any situation. Is specially developed for the MAD® Safety Lead Clip! • Size 7 • Breaking strain: 80 lbs. / 36,4 kg..
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