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Brand: RAPALA Model: RCD
RAPALA COUNTDOWN countdown sinking / long casting Fish swim at different times under different conditions at different depths. Not a problem - so does the Rapala Counrdown lure. It is a sinking lure, whose swimming depth can be controlled by allowing it to sink to the bottom after casting and al..
Deep Tail Dancer
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Brand: RAPALA Model: RTDD
RAPALA DEEP TAIL DANCER The Deep Tail Dancer® features an enlarged, extreme diving lip that plummets the lure as deep as 12 meters unassisted. The banana-style body swims with a wide tail, dancing action that can only be created with balsa. Cast it or troll it deep for a large number of species wo..
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Brand: RAPALA Model: RDT
RAPALA Dives To Perfectly consistent balsa wood, chosen from the top seven percent worldwide, is combined with carefully placed internal weights, a tapered fuselage and a thin tail design to create the ultimate in crankbait action. The bait dives down quickly to the set depth and stays there. It s..
DT (Dives-to) Fat SureSet
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RAPALA DT Fat SureSet The "Fat Body" DT with its wide rolling action is perfect when a slow retrieve with plenty of wobble is the preferred method. Its balsa construction and husky profile create a wide rolling action at virtually any speed. The square lip deflects obstructions with fish triggerin..
DT (Dives-to) Flat SureSet
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RAPALA DT Flat SureSet The DT Flat SureSet Series offer the option of a much tighter, brighter shimmering action the original DT's. This highly visible profile is the perfect way to pull fish off ambush points and from deep points. The enhanced coffin lip deflects off underwater obstacles in a dar..
Floating Magnum
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Brand: RAPALA Model: RFMAG
RAPALA FLOATING MAGNUM saltwater / very strong / long casting Rapala Magnum is a classic. The world's most popular trolling lure chalked up several world-record catches. The strong body and parts will withstand even the most ferocious fighting fish, while still maintaining the sensitivity of a w..
Glass Shad Rap
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Brand: RAPALA Model: RGSR
RAPALA GLASS SHAD RAP Molded high-impact plastic with holographic foil insert allows the chameleon-like Glass Shad Rap® to pick up the color of its surroundings and bounce the same color back in an iridescent glow. When fished in bright sunlight or low light, the lure looks completely natural, ada..
Husky Jerk
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Brand: RAPALA Model: RHJ
RAPALA HYSKY JERK suspending / rattling / long casting The weight by volume of the versatile Husky Jerk is identical to that of the water, so it won't rise or sink - it is properly suspended in the water. Reel out the HJ to the desired depth and stop - the lure will remain precisely in place. Va..
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Brand: RAPALA Model: RJ
RAPALA JOINTED quick action / weighted / floating Catching fish can somethimes be dificult under less than favourable conditions. The Jointed is specially designed to save such days. The Jointed's two-piece body has a powerful, wide-arching swing at all speeds, provoking both aggressive and pass..
Jointed Shad Rap
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Brand: RAPALA Model: RJSR
RAPALA JOINTED SHAD RAP suspending / rattling / wide swimming action No more quiet days'fishing. More than a wounded minnow, the Jointed Shad Rap sends out the "distessed" minnow signal. Experienced fishermen know that sometimes it take a slight exaggeration of the lure's unique "baitfish in dis..
LC Long Casting
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Brand: RAPALA Model: RLC
RAPALA LONG CAST A legend among shore anglers, the LC-Long Casting Minnow has expanded its fishing range dramatically. Savvy boat anglers have discovered the benefits of being able to cast great distances and work fish without spooking them with their presence. The "Weight Transfer System"is the m..
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Brand: RAPALA Model: MXR
Minnow Rap
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Brand: RAPALA Model: RMR
RAPALA MINNOW RAP Shad Rap action in a minnow profile When design began ton the Minnow Rap, the expectation were high. Build a lure that has the Shad Rap action in a minnow profile bait. One retrieve and you will see the result. Atight wobbling action in a common search profile found the world o..
Original Floater
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Brand: RAPALA Model: RF
RAPALA ORIGINAL FLOATING original / minnow action / unweighted Exceptional catches since 1936. For years, the Original Floating has been the most popular Rapala lure. It has seen the finest fishing for 75 years and goes on still. The Original is a fisherman's favourite all around the world, prim..
Rattlin Rapala
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Brand: RAPALA Model: RRNR
RAPALA RATTLIN' RAP sinking / long casting / rattling A departure from other Rapala lures, the Rattlin' Rap, has no swimming lip and its nose ring is located on the lure's spine. The multipurpose, long casting lure works with a variety of different techniques and fish species. For example, jiggi..
Saltwater Sliver
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Brand: RAPALA Model: RSL
RAPALA SALTWATER SLIVER sinking / quick action / for the big one The swimming action of the articulated Sliver is lightning quick and can take even the fastest swimming speeds. Assembled with abache hardwood, the rock-solid Sliver is the world's leading tuna lure and can also be used on long cas..
Shad Rap
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Brand: RAPALA Model: RSR
RAPALA SHAD RAP DEEP RUNNER floating / deep diving / natural action The calm action Shad Rap Deep Runner fishes for deep-water predatory fishes. Immediately upon casting, the long swimming lip takes it down to a depth of 3-4 meters. This master fishing lure can also be adjusted to follow the con..
Shallow Shad Rap
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Brand: RAPALA Model: RSSR
RAPALA SHAD RAP SHALLOW RUNNER weighted / floating / natural action As the name says, this Shad Rap version enjoys running in shallow waters. The Shallow Runner is even effective in the shallowest of water, where other lures sang on submerged objects or vegetation. The Shad Rap Shallow Runner is..
Skitter Prop
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Brand: RAPALA Model: RSPR
RAPALA SKITTER PROP With the Skitter Prop fishing technique you can make quick, long draws, with the propeller noisily breaking the surface of the water and splashing to gain the attention of nearby fish. Combined with shoret lure popping, the predatory fish will be positively forced to chase down..
Skitter Walk (salt water)
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Brand: RAPALA Model: RSSW
RAPALA SKITTER WALK "walk-the-dog" for saltwater gants The Sktter Walk perfectly imitates a swimming mullet or escaping baitfish. This lure is particularly effective when fish are aggressive or busting bait on the surface. It's designed to "walk-the-dog"with ease. Large internal rattles create a..
Super Shad Rap
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RAPALA SUPER SHAD RAP floating / long casting / for big fish The sure-fire Super Shad Rap is designed for larger fish and the most extreme conditions. The floating, 14cm long SSR is a rigid bodied, swol swing lure, which is especially effective at hauling in pike. Make sure you've got strong lin..
Team Esko
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Brand: RAPALA Model: RTE
RAPALA TEAM ESCO extra light / extra long casting / extreme action Team Esco was established by Esco Rapala, son of founder Lauri Rapala. In 1997 celebration of Esco's 60th birthday, the lure, previously only available in Finland, was introduced on the internacional market with sparkling acclaim..
X-Rap (Freshwater)
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Brand: RAPALA Model: RXR
RAPALA X RAP The X-Rap® is "all about the action" and it triggers strikes. It’s the perfect size and three-dimensional shape of a minnow. Prominent scales and the lateral line on the fuselage capture and flash light like a beacon. It’s a lure that is designed for aggressive fishing. The angler pro..
X-Rap (Saltwater)
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Brand: RAPALA Model: RSXR
RAPALA X Rap Saltwater Trolling fast and deep, casting inshore flats for tarpon or looking for your next 50-incher, there’s an X-Rap® just for you. All are rigged with durable componentry to withstand the inevitable smashes from all species of fish and the general rigors of the saltwater environme..
X-Rap Deep
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Brand: RAPALA Model: RXRD
RAPALA X RAP DEEP The X-Rap® Deep rockets towards the bottom with all positive characteristics that has made the X-Rap® legendary; prominent scales and lateral line on the fuselage that capture and flash light like a beacon, internal holographic foil, internal long cast system, 3D holographic eyes..
X-Rap Magnum
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X-Rap Magnums run perfect right out of the box, no wasted time tuning. The massive diving-lip takes the X-Rap® Magnums deep… unassisted. Nothing to hinder the action. Each dives to its preset depth…the XRMag10 to 10 feet, the XRM15 to 15 feet, etc. Run up to 13 knots for big game fish worldwide. Big..
X-Rap Shad
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Brand: RAPALA Model: RXRS
The legendary Shad body shape from Rapala® with X-Rap® attitude. Integrated long-casting system partners with an irresistible rattle to offer classic Rapala® swimming action or X-Rap Xtreme Slashbait® action. Internal textured finishes and rattle system, 3D holographic eyes unites with Premium VMC® ..
X-Rap Shad Shallow
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Brand: RAPALA Model: RXRSH
RAPALA X-RAP SHAD SHALLOW The X-Rap® Shad Shallow brings the irresistible action of the X-Rap® Shad to the top 2-7 feet of the water column. Integrated long-casting system partners with an irresistible rattle to offer classic Rapala® swimming action or X-Rap Xtreme Slashbait® action. Internal text..
X-Rap Walk
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Brand: RAPALA Model: RXRW
RAPALA X Rap Walk Toss it out. Pump. Reel. Pump. Reel. You’re Walking-The-Dog. With Rapala it’s that easy. This Xtreme® action side-to-side topwater lure will keep your head spinning. Featuring the classic X-Rap finishes that will torment any species of fish, this topwater delight is bringing the ..
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