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Brand: Salmo Model: Salmo Freediver
Salmo Freediver After a year of hard work by the Salmo designers and dozens of tests with use of 3D printing techniques we proudly introduce the all new Salmo Freediver 12 SDR. This is a floating/diving lure with unique, elongate shape and large size lip like no other on the market.  The internal ..
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Brand: Salmo Model: Salmo Hornet
Salmo Hornet Hornet has not gained its reputation as the hardest working crankbait in the world for nothing! Millions of Hornets are in the hands of anglers in dozens of countries and every day they’re catching, helping anglers to fulfil their big fish dreams. From the time of its introduction to ..
Rattlin' Hornet
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Brand: Salmo Model: Salmo Rattlin' Hornet
Salmo Rattlin' Hornet The World ranks the Salmo Hornet as one of the best lures of all time. Now Salmo has introduced the Rattlin' Hornet a floating/diving crankbait created in cooperation with the best American anglers. Expect the same rod shaking action that has made the Classic Hornet one of th..
Sparky Shad
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Brand: Salmo Model: Salmo Sparky Shad
Salmo Sparky Shad А wobbler with unusual Delta cross section. This unique construction and special weight balance give this lure a very original action that is virtually impossible to find in the other mass produced lures. During a slow retrieve, Sparky Shad has the action that is a combination of..
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