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Brand: MajorCraft Model: Crostage
Salt water fishing is bearing the aspect of major boom. The target is expanding to a bigfin reef squid, black bream, rockfish, yellowtails and flatfish commencing with seabass. But it is fact that there still be many unknown. Because of this, this is exciting fishing category in the future. The stag..
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Brand: MajorCraft Model: Finetail
Artistic parts in which we reflected the breathtaking beauty of trout family. The high sensitivity and luxury operability which are made from well-selected parts. It captures the hearts of anglers. Finetail debut. The blanks of Finetail have two features. The first is the crisp action which improve..
Brand: MajorCraft Model: GiantKilling
Brushed up the dynamite operability and total performance of power, balance & etc. by mounting latest Cross Force process & K-series guide. Casting, light jigging, Tai Rubber, Slow pitch & Hitotsu Tenya series debuted behind basic series. You can catch the fish which you couldn't do...
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Brand: MajorCraft Model: HuntAway
KG evolution
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Brand: MajorCraft Model: KGevolution
The most distinctive feature of KG evolution is that it has tangle free K-series guide. You can concentrate on casting and operation without any concern for line trouble. And Cross Force butt section, which create sharp cast feeling and strong butt power, restrain substantially wobbling of rod at ca..
KG Lights
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Brand: MajorCraft Model: KGlights
Leading targets of light game are Aji (horse mackerel or scad) and Mebaru (rock fish). The depth of their fishing is depthless. The entry is easy. But once you have gotten hung up on the game, you will fully realize the importance of tackle balance. Because the bigger the target is, the more the sen..
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Brand: MajorCraft Model: offblow
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Brand: MajorCraft Model: SKYROAD
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Brand: MajorCraft Model: Solpara
"Tip-run eging", one category of eging game. Many anglers are fascinated by the fun, the easiness & the fishing good result of it. Then Solpara tip run model debut so that everyone can enjoy it more easily. Pls taste the fun which feel the sensitive bite and hook it by the sensitive tip section!..
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